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Learn The Rules & How To Play Three Card Poker

A player having the highest Poker ranked card in hand is subject to winning in this game. The ranking proceeds from the best to worst in this game. For more information on beating online casinos see If two players have the same type of hand, whoever has the highest ranked card wins.The one exception comes up when comparing two hands of pairs. In this case the highest pair wins, not the highest cards.

The prime bet is another additional side-bet that some establishments provide, and it has an edge of 3.62%. It is a color-specific bonus, so as long as all your cards are all black or red, you win. The Millionaire Maker and the Progressive bets provide jackpot prizes, but they also do not feature favorable odds. • If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the ante bet is paid off at 1-1. After all the players have made their bets the dealer will give each player a three card hand that is dealt by the Shuffle Master machine.

The game commences when all players make their bets in the box mentioned as ‘Ante’. You can also wager on the optional bet called ‘Pair Plus’. All players in the game and the dealer will get 3 cards dealt face down. The dealer needs a ‘Queen’ high or better to qualify. If the dealer qualifies, then the player’s hand will be compared to the dealer’s hand and the higher hand will win. If the dealer does not qualify, then the player will win even money on the Ante bet and the ‘Play’ bet will be a push.

In some casinos, 3 card poker rules also account for the special combination that contains all cards 9 through Ace of the same suit, offering really big payouts. For example, a 7, 8, 9 straight beats a 5, 6, 7 straight, and a King-high flush always beats a Queen-high flush. Suits are never used to determine the winner in three card poker games. A straight qualifies for a bonus payout of 1 to 1 on the ante bet. Five-card Royal Flushes trigger the jackpot on this special bonus bet. Additionally, many casinos offer tables featuring progressive bonuses that pay out escalating jackpots that can run into the six- and even seven-figures.

If you like the hand, you can place another bet, the “Play” bet, which is the same size as your ante bet. First of all, as three card poker is a house edge game, there is no legitimate strategy that can be employed that will switch the odds in favour of the player. However, unlike other casino games, roulette for example, there is a strategic element to the game. Learning to play the correct strategy will both minimise the house edge against the player and as a result of that help to maximise their enjoyment of the game. Both are desirable outcomes, the playing of casino games should primarily be to have fun for as small a cost as possible.

Below are some of the most common, followed by their respective house edge, and where to find them. If your hand ranks as a Straight, 3 of a Kind, or best of all, a Straight Flush, you will qualify for an Ante Bonus. Whether he qualifies or not – even if he has you beaten by a mile – the Ante Bonus pays irrespective of the main game.

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